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About Us

About Us

Yegnaw New is a social media-based charitable organization of Ethiopians, friends of Ethiopia, and Eritreans which assist families in crisis, sick, or injured but have no means of meeting their needs by one's own efforts or output. Yegnaw New is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and non-governmental organization that has been serving the impoverished communities of Ethiopia for the last few months. The founding board directors have played a significant role in mobilizing Ethiopians in the Diaspora to give back to their original homeland, using the social media platform as a source of generating funds for these causes. Yegnaw New is founded on unity, respect, love, and trust, committed to performing its charitable work without discrimination based on gender, race, politics, or religion. Yegnaw New means united in providing relief to our people.


The purpose of the yegnaw new nonprofit organization is to help women and men, mothers and children in the areas where they are most active, to be happy and confident in meeting their health, education, economic and gifted needs, and to address the growing problem of illness and cost in our society.


Yegnaw new nonprofit organization's vision is to assist families in crisis, sick, or injured but has no means of supporting themselves and filling the gaps in our humanity-centered society, and use social media for good cause.

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